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Muskegon has bike trails, hiking trails, a pub pedal trail and West Michigan’s most cannabis-friendly city has a Cannabis Pre-Roll Trail, too.

The success of the inaugural Pre-Roll Trail (PRT) in 2021 inspired a second year and we’ve done some things to make it better—so read on and come blaze the Pre-Roll Trail in Muskegon County.

The trail will roll on for one full year beginning in July 2022 and ending in June 2023. That means residents can take their time in getting pre-rolls and stickers and visitors can come back every season to enjoy what Muskegon has to offer in cannabis and attractions.

Muskegon’s cannabis industry has grown significantly, so the trail has doubled in size. Twelve provisioning centers are participating this year so making the rounds will be even more fun and you’ll experience more of what Muskegon’s cannabis retailers have to offer.


Joining the Pre-Roll Trail is easy!

  1. Pick up a map at any of the participating provisioning stores or one of the locations listed below.
  2. Visit each cannabis retailer on the map, buy a pre-roll and receive a sticker on the map. You do not need to visit the stores in any specific order.
  3. Bring your map with all twelve stickers from each location and receive a free custom-designed PRT t-shirt for your effort. Shirts are held at our HQ store—High Profile. And thanks to our friends at Timber Cannabis for doing the dope shirt design for us.
  4. Enjoy your Pre-rolls and wear your shirt with cannabis pride!
Muskegon Cannabis Pre-Roll Trail